Gia Woods Premieres ‘One Big Party’ Music Video – Watch Here!

Gia Woods keeps the bops coming with the premiere of her brand new single “One Big Party,” and it’s accompanying music video!

The track is the fourth single that the Los Angeles-based singer-songstress has released since February, following “Keep On Coming,” “New Girlfriend” and “Jump The Fence.”

“The song is called ‘One Big Party,’ because, for me, life seems like one big party, and everyone is just trying to distract themselves from themselves, all the time,” Gia told Billboard. “That’s what drinking, smoking, and even some relationships are: distractions. Things can be really exciting at first, but eventually you can become dissatisfied, and in the end you’re left with only yourself. Remember, distractions won’t make you happy; you make you happy, and in the end you are what you have.”

Gia‘s new single “One Big Party” is also available on Spotify and iTunes now!
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