Halsey Announces She Officially ‘[Re]endorse’ Bernie Sanders

The ‘You Should be Sad’ songstress, who calls herself ‘a queer woman in a multi-racial family,’ explains that she technically supported Sanders since 2016 when he lost to another Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

AceShowbizHalsey has become the latest celebrity to back Bernie Sanders for U.S. president.

The “You Should Be Sad” singer posted a video on her social media pages on Tuesday, March 10, telling fans she was “officially endorsing” Sanders, insisting the Vermont senator has been “fighting for me since before I was alive.”

Explaining her choice, she called herself “a queer woman in a multi-racial family, who was raised poor in an American suburb,” adding, “A woman who got into the college of her dreams and couldn’t afford to go. A person physically tormented by a reproductive health disorder that I couldn’t afford to treat. So today, I fight for her too. That girl, who wasn’t protected.”

The 25-year-old singer notes her support is technically a “re-endorsement,” because she’s been raving about Sanders ever since he unsuccessfully campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

Halsey also included a long caption with her video, adding: “When I look at some of the other candidates, or members of my newfound class, I see actions that have nothing to do with being wealthy and everything to do with being selfish. That’s why I am officially (re)endorsing Bernie Sanders for president.”

New American citizen Neil Young has also endorsed Sanders. He and Halsey join fellow celebrities Susan Sarandon, Dick Van Dyke, Jack White, The Strokes, Kirsten Dunst, and Ariana Grande, among those who are cheering him on as he competes against former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic nomination ahead of the presidential race against Republican Donald Trump in November.

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