Harriet Finch killed by coffin in shock exit in Emmerdale?

Will Taylor’s (Dean Andrews) burning hatred for Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is set to escalate into a life or death situation in Emmerdale.

Harriet has realised Will is still alive, but she hasn’t quite twigged how far he’s prepared to go to avenge the fact she helped send him to prison for 15 years.

The pressure is growing on Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and she tries to mask her guilt at knowing who’s been terrorising Harriet, and she keeps up her lie that her dad hasn’t been in contact.

Back at Woodbine, Dawn is horrified when she realises the lengths her dad will go to in order to get revenge. She discovers Will’s left a box of service leaflets to celebrate Harriet’s life – he seems to be planning her funeral, is he goin got kill her?

The next day she follows him to Woodbine where the pair of them get into a tussle and she falls and ends up with a nasty injury. Will really is ruthless, hurting his own daughter.

Harriet’s fuming when she discovers an injured Dawn and locks her in the house for her own safety as she heads off to the church.

There she has the shock of her life when she comes face to face with Will for the first time – and his anger boils over when he sees her.

Suddenly things take a dark turn and they escalate to the point he crushes her with a coffin. Dawn is desperate to break out of the house, but will she manage to, and to save Harriet in time?

Will actor Dean Andrews told metro.co.uk : ‘There is a coffin involved, yes! He does all kinds of things just to freak her out. He does an order of service, as if she’s going to die, so he gets the coffin ready for her.

‘It’s that kind of thing psychologically. But maybe he wants to kill her?’

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