Innocent launch a new blue juice but Twitter is adamant it is green

It’s ‘the dress’ all over again! Twitter users are furiously divided over a ‘blue’ Innocent smoothie they insist is actually GREEN – but which colour do you see?

  • New juice is called Bolt From The Blue but Twitter users are convinced it is green
  • Thousands of people have replied to British drinks company Innocent’s post 
  • Even Duncan James from the noughties pop band Blue joined hilarious debate 
  • Innocent’s cheeky social media team were unwavering in saying drink is blue 

In 2015 a photograph of a dress went viral when viewers disagreed over whether the colour was blue and black, or white and gold.

And now drinks company Innocent have sparked a similar debate on Twitter with their newest smoothie ‘Bolt From The Blue’.

After sharing a picture of the product in April – mentioning its blue hue six times in their tweet – they were inundated with responses from Twitter users adamant the drink is actually green.

Not a company to shy away from a witty comeback, their social media team quickly started replying to followers to argue that the drink really is blue – quickly going viral.    

Drinks company Innocent’s new Bolt From The Blue juice, left, has divided opinion and caused thousands of Twitter users to comment saying the drink is really the colour green. Right: The company’s Wonder Green juice

Innocent quickly responded to dozens of comments saying the healthy drink looked green, being adamant that their juice looked blue

Announcing the new drink on Twitter, Innocent said: ‘We’ve made a new drink. It’s blue. It’s tasty. It’s blue. It’s good for you. It’s blue. It’s made from apple, lime, guava, and coconut water. 

‘It’s blue. It’s boosted with vitamins. It’s blue. It’s the perfect subject for a Venn diagram. Did we mention it’s blue?’

The new juice contains apple, guava, coconut water and a dash of spirulina – traditionally green ingredients. 

Within minutes replies started to flood in saying ‘it looks green’ and ‘looks greenish blue to be honest’ prompting Innocent to reply ‘looks blueish blue to be honest.’

Another person suggested ‘compromise: turquoise?’ but Innocent weren’t standing down and responded with ‘compromise: blue?’

Others who tried to find some middle ground said the product was a ‘rare form of blue called Blueen.’

Another Twitter user even brought colour types into the debate and compared the Bolt From The Blue drink to Pantone 3282 saying that it has ‘more green than blue.’

Even paint makers Dulux responded saying it ‘looks like Crushed Pine 3’, one of their green shades, to which Innocent responded ‘Don’t you start, Dulux. It’s Blue 1 and you know it.’ 

Someone else commented: ‘It’s green. The label is more blue than the drink and the label still green. Let’s not cause division at a time like this, come join everyone on the green side.’ 

 After sharing a picture of the product in April – mentioning its blue hue six times in their tweet – they were inundated with responses

This Twitter user compared the juice to the label and encouraged everyone to join the green side

Some tried to find a compromise by suggesting it was teal or a whole new colour ‘grue’

Inspired by this approach another user said ‘it’s cyan darling’ but Innocent quickly responded ‘we don’t even know how to pronounce that. (It’s blue darling.)’    

Even Duncan James from the pop band Blue joined in the debate, writing ‘It’s BLUE! End of!’ with a blue love heart to show his support.’ 

But that hasn’t stopped Innocent from shying away from blue, writing on their website: ‘It’s blue. It’s good for you. It’s juicy. It’s blue. It’s delicious.’  

Others even compared the colour to Pantone to try and prove it was more green than blue

Someone else suggested the drink was ‘cyan’, but Innocent were quick to shut down that idea

Pain makers Dulex then commented to say the drink looked like one of their green shades

Pop singer Duncan James from the band Blue even joined in the debate online 

However Twitter users used the ingredients list to try and prove the drink is green.

One questioned: ‘If none of the ingredients are blue, what makes it blue?’ 

While another added: ‘Apples are green. Guava is green. Lime is .. h wait, green. Coconut water isn’t blue.

‘So you’ve got green ingredients and make a green looking drink. Good marketing concept if you meant it. But it’s not blue.’ 

Innocent told MailOnline: ‘Our juice is definitely blue. Overall, we’ve now received over 25 million impressions on the post.’

Two pressed apples, coconut water, green grapes and lime are some of the healthy ingredients

Several people questioned the science behind the drink as the ingredients were mostly green

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