Jay Glazer Says Bill Belichick Shouldn't Be Canned Midseason, 'Guy Is A Genius'

Patriots fans clamoring for Bill Belichick‘s head need to take a chill pill … at least, that’s according to Jay Glazer, who tells TMZ Sports the New England head coach is a guy who should never be fired midseason.

“Here’s the thing with Bill, man,” the NFL insider said out at LAX this week. “You never know. Guy is a genius. He’s a genius.”

Belichick is undoubtedly the greatest coach of all-time — he’s a 8X Super Bowl champ, six as a head coach, who’s won 299 games in his career — but he’s hit a rough patch in Foxborough ever since Tom Brady‘s departure.

And, things have gotten so bad recently — the team is now just 1-5, and a loud contingent of Pats fans have made it clear they want Belichick ousted over it all.

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Glazer, though, urged New England supporters to have patience … saying he could see Belichick turning things around ASAP.

“Everything in the NFL, people just want someone’s head,” Glazer said. “Every time you have a bad week or bad start — but people have started out; look at the Lions last year. They started off really slow and turned back around.”

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It’s unclear if the team has enough stars to get the ship righted even if Belichick comes up with the magic touch — which Glazer himself acknowledged — but the famed journalist made it known he’d see it to the end regardless.

“I’m never going to stick a fork in that guy during the middle of a season,” Glazer said.


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