Jennifer Lopez Defends Launching New Alcohol Brand Amid Criticism

Jennifer Lopez‘s new alcohol brand drew a lot of questions and even some criticism from folks who thought her household was booze-free — but she’s setting the record straight.

The triple-threat entertainer hopped on IG Tuesday to both plug her just-launched spritzer line, Delola, and defend herself against fans who were apparently calling her out over it … namely, the fact Jen has, historically, sworn off booze in the public eye.

Check it out … Jennifer says she’s aware of certain people raising an eyebrow about this business venture, and she addresses it head-on — which also includes a confession.


She says while it’s true she didn’t drink for a long time while coming up, that changed about 10-15 years ago … at which point, Jen says she began to enjoy the occasional cocktail. J  Lo says there’s photographic evidence of this and that it’s well-documented, BTW.

Another point of clarification … Jen says she drinks responsibly and doesn’t get “s***-faced.” As she says herself, she just sips a little to be social and to relax/cut loose a bit. And as far as why she chose a spritzer as her alcohol of choice, she says it’s light and relatively healthy.

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One specific dig she did not address — but which is certainly being discussed — is Ben Affleck‘s alcoholism … something he’s battled for years, and which he seems to have kicked after stints of rehab, including a very famous one that roped in his ex, Jennifer Garner.

As we’ve reported … he’s had his ups and downs with alcohol, and JLo’s been getting a lot of disapproval on that front too — especially for advertising it on the 4th of July, no less.

Ben has said nothing about it himself, so you gotta figure he’s on the same page as his wife — and that Delola isn’t a problem in the blended Affleck-Lopez family … who looked quite happy and in sync this weekend.

Carry on, people … no outrage to be had here.

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