Jeremy Clarkson opens up on ‘very difficult’ new arrivals on Diddly Squat farm

Jeremy Clarkson says his new cows are 'escape artists'

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has begun filming season two of the smash hit series Clarkson’s Farm. The former Top Gear presenter has spoken about some new arrivals Diddly Squat has had for the second season, with them making things “very difficult” for Jeremy.

They really are escape artists.

Jeremy Clarkson

Speaking to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, Jeremy promoted his new book released today, Diddly Squat a Year on the Farm.

Whilst promoting his book, Jeremy gave fans a glimpse into what everyday life is like now for the star.

He revealed the farm now has cows for Season Two, calling the animals “escape artists”.

Jeremy said: “We are filming the second series and we’ve got cows now.

“So I am learning about cows and that’s very difficult.

“They escape, they’re bulging horses!”

He continued: “I caught one of them yesterday on a motorcycle going along the perimeter fence like Steve McQueen.

“They really are escape artists.”

Jeremy detailed how he could actually see them whilst he was talking to Zoe on her show.

He said: “I can see them now actually outside my office window staring at me.

“They look like they are standing there chewing gum but I know they are not, they are listening and planning their next escape.”

While there is plenty of success with the series around the UK, the farm’s immediate neighbours are not as happy.

Jeremy’s neighbour Hamish Dewar has fought back after the farmer labelled him a “moron” and a “busybody” in a row about his farm Diddly Squat.

Hamish has expressed his fears that the picturesque village of Chadlington, where the two live, is turning into a tourist attraction.

He claims villagers are too afraid to complain about the “Jeremy Clarkson theme park” out of concerns they “might appear in one of the journalist’s columns”. have approached Jeremy for comment at the time.

The villager has lived in the sleepy countryside village for 28 years – and says it has now been besieged by tourists and traffic problems.

He told The Mirror: “I think people are quite wary of expressing their opinions because Clarkson tends to respond in his column in the Sunday Times.

“He’s written about me in the Sunday Times, calling me a busybody and a moron. He also described the chairman of the parish council in a very rude manner.”

Jeremy is planning to build a 60-seater restaurant on the site of his farm shop, which currently hosts a small cafe inside a disused lambing shed.

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