Joe Giudice to Teresa: Thanks for All Your Money!

Joe Giudice recently spoke out for the first time about his split from Teresa Giudice.

The disgraced reality star made very little sense while doing so, however.

In a new social media post, however, Joe has once again referenced his estranged wife, this time making it clear that he’s very thankful for one thing Teresa provided:

A bundle of cash!

Joe, who hasn’t really trashed Teresa in any way — either since their recent confirmed separation or even in the turbulent months beforehand — posted a new video on Instagram yesterday.

As a caption, he wrote the following:

“I’m stiffed five Euro! We were at a drive-up espresso waiting to get an espresso but was too packed and had to come to Salerno to a normal walk in espresso shop. Five-dollar tip didn’t work. Old fashion way of self-serve. Better lesson learned.”

Giudice shared this footage from Italy, which is where he’s now residing while he awaits word on his deportation appeal.

Odds are very strong that this appeal will be denied and Joe will be banned from ever living in the United States again, due to his breaking of federal bankruptcy law a few years ago.

Partly due to this distance from Teresa, and partly due to a total lack of love between the reality stars, Joe and Teresa are on the verge of divorce.

They have four daughters and, for the sake of these children, such news is very sad.

In response to Joe’s latest video, however, an Instagram user has pointed out that Joe really ought to be grateful to Teresa, even if she has already moved on with a new boyfriend and even if she did cheat on him last year.

“Do you ever privately acknowledge all the hard work she does to take care of your expenses, her father and the girls?” this person wrote in the comments section, adding in extreme detail:

“That’s a lot to put on anyone, and she did it and did it well! She deserves the pat on the back for being a great mom, wife, daughter and sister.

“Your daughters want nothing more than for you two to get along. Acknowledge your wife’s huge accomplishments and then thank her.

“Tell her how much you love her and miss her – not only the girls. She’s really your ride or die. If you haven’t already, tell her.”

That’s quite a lot for a random stranger to implore of Joe, huh?

But Joe didn’t lash out at the commenter.

He actually acknowledged the premise and basically agreed with it.

“Read all my shout-outs to my wife. We do get along, and our No. 1 priority are my babies,” he wrote back. “I put them first, always.”

This actually is true.

Joe recently drooled all over Teresa online, and, on January 8, he even wrote the following of The Real Housewives fo New Jersey cast member:

“Love my wife, always working.”

Not always. Sometimes she’s breaking federal bankruptcy law herself and then spending many months in prison afterward because she’s a selfish and greedy person.

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