Justin Bieber Compares Chris Brown To Michael Jackson + Tupac

In a move sparking considerable backlash, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber shared a post on Instagram comparing controversial R&B superstar Chris Brown to Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur.

The photo posted by Bieber suggests Chris Brown is a combination of the two music legends, writing “MJ plus 2 Pac equals CB.”

“Everyone wants to wait til people die To give them the credit they deserve. I’m calling it now when CB passes away after a long full life, you will miss what you had in front of you the whole time … trust me watch you will see,” Bieber wrote in the caption.

He added, “The people who have over looked this mans talent because of a mistake he made.. you need to reevaluate!”

Bieber has come under fire for seemingly referring to Brown’s assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 as a simple “mistake.”

Brown has subsequently faced multiple abuse allegations from various women and was detained in Paris in January on sexual assault allegations.

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