Keith Urban Releases Nostalgic New Single ‘We Were’

Keith Urban has released a new single, “We Were,” that sees the singer going on a nostalgic trip, reminiscing about past love.

Dann Huff and Urban produced the song, which is probably the first from Urban’s upcoming eleventh album.

Eric Church, Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde wrote the lyrics for the song, which go like this: “We were leather jackets hangin’ onto a Harley/ Two heartbeats in the moonlight/ We were both feet hangin’ out over the edge of a water tower skyline/ At least there’s a little bit of sweet in the bitter/ Though part of me is always gonna miss her/ I am who I am/ I just miss who I was when we were.”

“When I first heard ‘We Were,’ I not only heard it, but I saw it,” Urban said in a statement.

“It made me feel something. The imagery is so strong — a stamp on the back of a hand, a Saturday night cover band, the girlfriend (or boyfriend) we ran with and a fake ID (which, of course, I never had),” he added. “So many of us can relate, or likely will relate, at some point!”

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