Kevin Clifton details warning about Strictly Come Dancing social media forums

Kevin Clifton reveals Strictly stars warned him about online forums

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Professional ballroom and Latin dancer Kevin Clifton, 38, has spoken about “certain forums” that he was advised to avoid. Kevin joined the professional Strictly Come Dancing cast list in 2013 when he was partnered with Susanna Reid.

They said ‘Whatever you do, don’t look at any of those forums, because it’s basically full of quite mean and nasty people who think they know things but they don’t really,’

Kevin Clifton

The Grimsby born dancer spoke candidly about online social media pages that claimed to have inside knowledge about the dancing competition.

Kevin parted ways from Strictly in 2019 after six years on the hit BBC One programme after taking home the famous Glitterball trophy in 2017 with his now girlfriend, Stacey Dooley.

The professional star has previously spoken about some of the biggest conspiracy theories he has read about himself online, with one claiming he was the God-son of a member of the judging panel.

Now, he has spoken of the advice he was offered to avoid entering the social media black hole.

During a new episode of his podcast, The Kevin Clifton Podcast alongside football television presenter, Anthony Rutherford, he was told of “mean and nasty people” spreading rumours online.

Kevin said: “So there’s certain like forums and stuff that exist that as soon as I started doing Strictly in 2013.

“They said ‘Whatever you do, don’t look at any of those forums, because it’s basically full of quite mean and nasty people who think they know things but they don’t really,’

“They think they know all about the show and what goes on behind the scenes and what the producers are trying to do and you know all of this and they haven’t a clue.”

Kevin added: “Maybe in my first year I probably looked at them a little bit, and then nonsense.”

Joanne Clifton’s older brother recently revealed that social media users once claimed that the reason he was performing so well was that he was Len Goodman’s god-son, a claim which he disputes.

“What happens a lot with a show like Strictly is that if someone gets like a favourite couple, and then they don’t do very well that week, it becomes, they start writing things like the producers are trying to sabotage that couple, the narrative that the producers are trying to make is this…”

He went on to explain that following his decision to walk away from the show, online speculation suggested it was to do with being “bigger than the show” – a claim which he also disputes.

“I’m still in touch with everyone and have a lovely relationship with them and it was something that I’ve talked about for a while about like, when’s the right time to leave,” he said.

Explaining further, Kevin added: “They’ve been aware of it and whatever because there’s theatre stuff that I wanted to, and then Strictly Ballroom came about and blah blah.”

Speaking of perhaps the strangest rumour he had read, Kevin said: “Someone wrote, it became a thing apparently… I never look at the forums anymore.

“Apparently it became this big thing on a forum because someone sent it to me.”

“It became generally accepted wisdom that the only reason that apparently Strictly was pushing me at the time and making sure I was in the final – nothing to do with working hard, making sure it had to be Kevin the golden boy because Len Goodman is his godfather.”

Kevin’s sister Joanne recently opened up to about online speculation and dismissed “opinionated” viewers.

“There was a thing on one of our first my first years where me and Kevin were apparently Len Goodman’s God-children, and that’s why we’ll be doing well, it’s absolutely bizarre the things that people think and come up with,” she revealed.

Joanne added: “The Strictly fans are absolutely amazing, they get so passionate about it and sometimes, you know when a couple who is not as good keeps getting through, it’s because the public are voting for them because they want to be entertained.

“They want to go, ‘Oh, how, how is this person going to muck up this time?’ and stuff like that.”

She added: “It’s just, it’s an entertainment programme and just, people sometimes get a little bit too opinionated and too passionate about it.”

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