Kevin Costner Says Estranged Wife Committing 'Relentless Jihad' in Divorce

kevin costner, christine baumgartner

Kevin Costner has come out swinging in his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, claiming she has become so unreasonable she has engaged in a “relentless jihad” against him … and he threw in that her “boyfriend” gave her thousands in cash.

Costner is in court right now, along with Christine, fighting it out over how much child support he must pay her.

The actor claims Christine is bubbling over with animosity, accusing him of being a cheapskate when in fact he has shelled out way more than a million dollars since she filed for divorce.

Christine Baumgartner and josh

The most interesting nugget in the docs … Kevin says Christine has been deceptive in terms of how much money she has, referencing $20,000 “her boyfriend recently gave her.” The docs don’t identify the boyfriend, but sources familiar with the case say Kevin believes the man is Josh Connor, one of Kevin’s good friends who recently took a trip to Hawaii with Christine.

Sources connected to both Christine and Josh have denied the 2 are in a romantic relationship.

Kevin Costner Christine Baumgartner

Kevin claims Christine has secretly taken $105,000 from him to pay her lawyers. He’s also re-alleged she has padded her child support bills by including hundreds of thousands of dollars for her plastic surgery, private trainers and “unallocated credit card expenses” which were for her, not their kids. In fact, Kevin claims her plastic surgery bills alone total $188,500 a year.

Costner says Christine — who originally asked for $248,000 a month in child support — has padded the bill simply because Kevin can afford it, and it has no relationship to their kids’ needs.

Kevin has claimed the actual amount she needs is around $63,000 a month.

Costner, who says Christine has been engaged in “baseless character attacks” on him, says she’s more than capable of getting a job, saying, “She has no plans to seek employment or engage in any income-generating activity.” He accuses his 49-year-old estranged wife of demanding enough child support so she doesn’t have to work again.

A judge has temporarily ordered Kevin to pay $129,000 a month. The hearing, which will go through tomorrow, will end with the judge establishing the exact amount the actor must pay.

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