Kevin Spacey On the Hook for $30 Mil to 'House of Cards' Production Co.

Kevin Spacey cost the creative forces behind Netflix’s hit ‘House of Cards’ a crap ton of money due to his alleged sexual misconduct — and now, the guy’s been ordered to pony up millions over it.

The disgraced actor lost an arbitration case he’s been involved in for the past few years now with a couple of companies called MRC II and Knight Takes King Productions — a distribution company and production company, respectively.

The two companies claimed they were doing the heavy lifting on ‘HOC,’ especially for the 6th season they were producing for the streaming giant … with Kevin, obviously, being a huge part of it.

An arbitrator ruled last year that Spacey’s alleged behavior did, in fact, cause MRC and Knight substantial harm by essentially torpedoing the final season … but KS had appealed that decision, only to lose again earlier this month.

Now, the companies are asking the court to confirm the arbitration award … which would leave Spacey and his loan-out and producing companies on the hook for about $31 million. The lion’s share of the award is for compensatory damages — more than $29.5 mil — and the remaining million and change cover attorneys’ fees and costs.

MRC and KTKP argued that there was an internal investigation of Spacey’s behavior — which included claims he’d sexually harassed/assaulted production members working on ‘House of Cards’ — and after doing a deep dive, they say they found many of those accusations to be true and terminated his contract. They say his conduct caused them to suffer substantial losses … which led to the litigation.

Spacey has avoided criminal liability thus far … but on the civil side of things, this is a big ding. He’s remained mostly low-key since the allegations surfaced — although, he is getting back to work slowly but surely.

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