Kristen Bell Reunites With A Sloth on ‘Ellen’ Series After Her Viral Freak Out – Watch Here!

Season 3 of Kristen Bell‘s Ellen Digital Network series Momsplaining is here!

In the premiere episode, available today Wednesday (May 8), the 38-year-old Good Place actress stops by the Wildlife Learning Center and discovers which animal gets it on the most, how alligators parent, and even performs an ultrasound on a porcupine.

At one point, Kristen even interacts with one of her favorite animals, a sloth.

“Do you think they like me as much as I like them? I think what people don’t realize about sloths is that they have T-Rex teeth and they’re sharp like a butcher knife,” Kristen explains in the clip.

If you remember, Kristen shared her obsession with sloths on the show in 2012 – and broke down crying over meeting one.

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