Larissa Lima: Colt BETRAYED Me by Lying to the Cops!

Larissa and Colt are still married on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Even so, things are already so bad that Larissa flushed her ring down the toilet after yet another bitter argument.

On Sunday night’s episode, Larissa felt betrayed by Colt after she accused him of lying to the police.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed Larissa Lima dealing with the aftermath of Colt Johnson calling the police on her.

Larissa was shocked to learn that Colt told the police that she had “lunged at him” and “scratched him.”

That is not what he had told her that he had told him.

With those words, he accused her of domestic violence, which is extremely serious.

It does not improve things that this would ultimately to turn out to be just one of three such accusations during their 7-month marriage.

But Larissa insisted that the allegation was “not true at all.”

She was clearly upset when she learned that this was what Colt had told authorities — because he had misled her about what he’d said.

As a result, Larissa lamented feeling “betrayed” by Colt.

It’s clear that she was once again wondering if all of this was a huge mistake.

“I don’t know if I can forgive him,” Larissa confessed.

Colt clearly had some regrets.

“Right now,” he said. “Everyone is very nervous and very scared.”

He had already tried to drop the charges against Larissa, but they had to go to court over it.

“The worst thing that could happen at this trial is that Larissa is arrested and deported,” Colt expressed.

We want to make it very clear that domestic offenders should absolutely be arrested and face legal consequences for their crimes.

However, months after this episode was filmed, many 90 Day Fiance fans no longer believe Colt’s varying, contradictory versions of events.

The most surprising voice in Larissa’s corner was Debbie.

She has made no secret of her dislike for Larissa, but her codependent relationship with Colt is clearly too important.

“There were times where I thought her getting deported from this maybe would be for the best,” Debbie admitted to the camera.

“But Colt loves Larissa,” she notes.

“And if she gets deported,” Debbie feared. “Colt might end up in Brazil with her. I don’t want that.”

Ultimately, the charges were dismissed.

We have to confess that we feel uneasy about that conclusion.

Part of it is just knowing how things end for them — in a fight that leaves Larissa’s face and torso covered in injuries.

It’s also unnerving to watch the court system drop charges of domestic violence simply because Colt asked them to.

We don’t know what really happened with Colt and Larissa, but we know that there are plenty of real abusers who persuade their partners to drop charges.

A lot about our legal system could use some real improvements.

Colt and Larissa had a deeply toxic relationship.

They should never have even been roommates, let alone engaged or married.

Even Debbie, for all of her various quirks, knew that.

But no one could convince them of that. They had to figure it out for themselves.

We hope that any 90 Day Fiance viewers who begin to see aspects of their own relationship in these two will have the wisdom to break up.

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