LeBron James Gets 'LJ' Logo Imprinted On Tooth

LeBron James will now have a crown everywhere he goes — ’cause the King just got his iconic “LJ” logo imprinted on his tooth!!

The Lakers shared a pic of James — who’s gearing up for his 20th NBA season — on social media minutes ago … showing the 4-time NBA champ sporting his new bling.

In the pic, you see James’ signature “LJ” logo — which was created to go on all his shoes and apparel when he signed his deal with Nike — etched on his tooth.

It’s plausible Bron got the idea from his homie Odell Beckham Jr. … who dropped $1.8 million on 13-carat diamond porcelain veneers in 2021.

The flashy wide receiver didn’t stop there, though … ’cause Odell then spent $5K to get diamonds implanted on his teeth — which aren’t removable!!

No word yet on who hooked LBJ up or how much it cost, but he just signed a 2-year, $97.1 million contract extension with the Lake Show … so he can definitely afford it.

Must feel good to be the king!!

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