Lee Mack won’t travel with wife and children when they go on trips abroad

Comedian Lee Mack, 54, has revealed why he won’t travel with his wife and kids when they go on holidays away. 

In a previous interview, the Would I Lie to You? star confessed that his intense fear of flying has made it impossible for him to join his family on the plane.

The Not Going Out actor also explained how, even when visiting far-away destinations, I would still insist on taking the car. 

Lee has been married to Tara McKillop since 2005 and the couple share three children: Millie, Arlo and Louie.

Despite the family taking vacations to places like Barcelona and Switzerland, Lee still managed to make his way by road. 

The comedy star also refuses to sit in a car unless he’s driving.

He told the Walking the Dog podcast in 2021: “If we go on holiday – and we have done for the last couple of years – Tara has flown with the kids and I’ve met them there.

“And I’m including Barcelona, I’m including Switzerland. You know why – they won’t let me sit up front and drive it.

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“I’ve asked. I’ve said, ‘Yeah, of course I’ll fly – can I drive?’ and they said, ‘No, and you don’t drive a plane, you fly it’.

“And I’ve said, ‘Forget it then, I’ll go in the car,’” he added.

Lee also revealed he chose to drive alone while on tour with fellow Would I Lie to You? stars Rob Bryden and David Mitchell because he and Rob both wanted to be behind the wheel.

“I went on tour last year with Rob Brydon and David Mitchell and I did all my own driving,” he remembered.

He also explained that the only time he can face being driven is when he sits on a train, which is how he once reached Barcelona for a family holiday.

Lee claimed he hadn’t flown in eleven years, after having to go on a special British Airways course to calm him down enough to get back from a Children in Need trip to Turkey with Frank Skinner.

The Walking the Dog with Emily Dean podcast is available to listen to here.

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