Lorraine Kelly apologises after ITV viewer points out issue ‘You are absolutely right’

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TV presenter Lorraine Kelly said sorry to a viewer who reached out to her via social media following her latest instalment. The apology was made following a discussion with soap star Charlotte Bellamy, regarding an upcoming controversial storyline on Emmerdale.

The tweet began: “Dear @lorraine and @emmerdale and @MissCBellamy Can I Just explain something..

“When you are speaking about someone with Down Syndrome. It’s ‘Leo has Down Syndrome’ and ‘Children with Down Syndrome’.

“Would you say ‘Autisic Leo’ if he had Autism??? Would you?”

“You are absolutely right. Apologies,” Lorraine replied swiftly, issuing her apology.

During the show, mum-of-three Charlotte, who plays Laurel Thomas in the ITV soap opera, spoke about fictional character Leo Gokirk, played by Harvey Rogerson, while discussing an upcoming storyline about Down’s syndrome.

She said: “Leo is a character who has been in the show for 10 years, he is the Down Syndrome son of Marlon and Rhona and that has been a huge positive story and continues to be.”

She went on to add: “Soaps are at their most potent when you deal with very, very difficult stories.”

Taking to the comments section of the post from the official Lorraine account, which shared a clip of the interview, another follower shared a similar sentiment.

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“Can you please not describe these children as ‘down’s syndrome children’ – they are ‘children with Down’s syndrome’. First and foremost they are ‘children’.

“Sorry but I am a mum and my son Ben, who is 28 years of age and has Down’s Syndrome, and this is one thing that annoys me.”(sic)

Another person added: “I have a 21 month old son with DS. Hope the storyline is well informed + appropriate as this affecting many. Hope the scripts use better terminology than ‘Leo is the DS son of Rhona’. See the people not the condition.

“My son is a little boy who has DS and is not my DS son.”(Sic)

The controversial Emmerdale storyline will see Charlotte’s character terminate a pregnancy after being told her unborn child has Down’s Syndrome.

Each year around 750 babies are born with Down’s Syndrome in the UK.

The condition is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome.

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