Love Island 2023 has given us the new Tommy and Molly-Mae: Danicas OK! column

And just like that – Love Island is drawing to a close.

The second ever winter series has delivered plenty of drama and in her weekly column, Danica Taylor has been giving her verdict on the action and revealing behind-the-scenes secrets after her iconic stint in the villa.

With the final almost upon us, the star has revealed who she's picking as winner and explained why she thinks they'll last when back in the real world.

Danica also gives her verdict on the Samie Elishi and Ron Hall drama which has unfolded this week, and admits nothing can prepare you for life after the show.

Read her latest column below…

Kai and Sanam could be the new Molly-Mae and Tommy

I absolutely love watching Kai and Sanam! While they are, of course, stunning Islanders, they seem like such a wholesome couple who aren’t focussed on being famous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’ll love the celebrity lifestyle when they leave the villa but I can’t see them ever losing sight of who they were before the show.

I even love it when they’re doing things that usually end up giving me ick, because they’re so blissful and genuine. Hearing Kai say ‘if I have kids with Sunam, she’ll be an absolute dream’ was so sweet.

They really make sense to me as winners. I’d love to see them take the £50k and enjoy fame for what it is, but stay sensible and start a new life with the cash as the whirlwind dies down. I can really see them lasting and in two or three years, being an Alex and Olivia, or Molly-Mae and Tommy.

The couples who finish in second place often do seriously well when it comes to landing deals and making money, so it would make sense for this to be Tom and Samie, or Lana and Ron. Lana is stunning and has a look that loads of brands will love while Ron is a bit of geezer, with great chat and definitely entertaining to watch.

Nothing prepares you for post-villa fame

You know people are going to recognise you and might want pictures, but it’s one thing to know it and another to actually live it. Soon after I left the villa, a group of us went to a festival and every two metres someone was pointing at me out and saying ‘oh my god!’.

I was in the VIP area and security came over because lots of fans were waiting by the barriers for me. It was honestly crazy and I remember trying to hide a little bit. I felt like I was the one performing. Even this week, I was in Home Bargains and a family came up to me!

There was a tell-tale sign of trouble in the baby challenge

I was so gutted I didn’t get to do the baby challenge last year! When I left the villa, I could see the cots being prepared in the production area and I was so disappointed to have missed out by one day.

It is seen as a silly challenge but the baby task really gives you a glimpse at what people could be like on the outside and tells you a lot about someone. It’s all well and good fancying the pants off a person in the villa, but Islanders are now starting to face up to the real world and what things will be like if they really are lifelong partners.

There was one couple in particular who caught my attention – Ron and Lana. It was quite awkward when Ron made comments about looking for ‘wifey material’ and said he finds it attractive when women are good with kids. But Lana wasn’t giving that at all!

While the challenge is a jokey one, I think it could play on Ron’s mind. He will have been thrown off by it. If you can’t picture someone being a mum to your kids, that’s quite a big thing.

It’s scary how people have turned on Samie

The perception of Samie has completely switched this week as she’s gone from being a favourite one minute to being slated the next. Yes, she has got involved in things she shouldn’t have but at least she was honest with Ron. Rather than claim she hadn’t said anything or try to twist it, she explained herself and deserves credit for doing so. Even Ron didn’t argue with her – he did make the game plan comments after all, it’s just that it seems that his words were interpreted differently to how he meant them.

Instead of praising Samie, people have turned on her and are saying things like ‘she’s blown it for her and Tom now’ and it’s like, wow, okay! True supporters would understand that everyone is going to have a blip at some point and this situation should not make anybody switch up their opinion. It’s so scary that one small incident can completely change the public’s view of you.

What I don’t agree with though, is how a bigger group of Islanders turned on Ron after Samie’s comments. It did come across as slight bullying and I really do feel sorry for Ron. You can see he’s become disconnected from the other boys. His whole Love Island experience probably won’t have been as amazing as it has been for the likes of Tom and Will. But Samie isn’t to blame for all of this and I think she’s somehow ended up taking the heat for everything Ron has faced.


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