Mackenzie McKee: Amber Portwood SUCKS As a Mom!

It’s no secret that Amber Portwood is a terrible mom.

Like Jenelle Evans, Amber has subjected her kids to just about every kind of atrocious, traumatizing behavior you can think of, and if they grow into healthy, happy adults, they’ll do so in spite of her influence, rather than because of it.

(Fortunately, unlike Jenelle’s kids, Amber’s at least have positive role models in the form of their fathers.)

So while Amber might be saved by Jenelle’s awfulness from being the very worst of the Teen Moms, she’s still not exactly beloved by fans of the show.

In fact, it seems that even some of Portwood’s co-stars aren’t too thrilled with the way she treats her kids.

And as much as they might occasionally pretend to have her back, now and then, the truth comes out.

The latest example of Amber getting called out by her peers was so low-key it went unnoticed by most Teen Mom OG fans.

“Leah [Amber’s daughter] and Bentley [Maci Bookout’s son] are the sweetest little human beings with a sh–ty ass parent,” a Twitter user wrote in clear reference to both Amber and Ryan Edwards.

“I know the feel man felt it my whole life. I feel for them.”

The tweet is pretty much undeniably accurate, and it’s the sort of thing viewers say on social media every single day.

What makes this post newsworthy, however, is the fact that it was liked by Portwood’s Teen Mom OG co-star Mackenzie McKee.

That’s a pretty bold act on its own, but the best part is that that’s not the only anti-Amber tweet that Mackenzie liked that day!

“Leah would cuss you AAAAAALL the way out if she heard you calling Kristina ‘awful,'” reads another tweet that was favorited by Mackenzie.

That tweet referred to a scene in the Teen Mom OG reunion trailer, in which Amber can be heard to remark, “Your wife is absolutely horrible,” while speaking with Gary Shirley.

The Amber vs. Kristina Shirley feud has been a hot-button issue for several months now, so that tweet might have stung Portwood even more than the one calling her a “sh–ty parent.”

We don’t know for sure if Amber saw these tweets or the fact that Mackenzie like them.

It’s a safe bet that she did, however, as Amber seems to spend a lot of time searching for her own name on social media platforms.

Whatever the case, Mackenzie’s fans definitely took notice of the shade that she threw, and it seems Ms. McKee was uncomfortable with the perception that she’s anti-Amber.

“I’m rooting Amber on every single day,” she tweeted much later that night.

“Mental health can rob us from who we truly are and is not a joke. Love ya Amber.”

Mackenzie never acknowledged the earlier tweets that she liked, but it’s pretty clear what she’s referring.

Portwood suffers from mental illness, so she’s deserving of some compassion and understanding, but unfortunately, she’s also a violent and abusive partner and parent.

So while we can understand why Mackenzie might prefer to keep the peace, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with calling out Amber’s misconduct.

After all, she certainly doesn’t give others the benefit of the doubt.

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