Mama June Suing Former Friend Over YouTube Show On Live A&E Court Show

Mama June can’t seem to stay away from all the reality TV drama … she’s going on a live, courtroom show … suing a former friend she claims screwed her over.

Production sources tell TMZ … Mama June will be a plaintiff on A&E’s “Court Night Live.” She’s suing ex-friend Adam Barta, a fellow content creator.

Mama June and Adam worked on a YouTube show together where they yakked about pop culture and created other social media content. She claims what started as friendly advice turned into daily consults and that he promised to pay her for her help but stiffed her, so she’s suing on the A&E show for $5k.

Adam says he had a close relationship with June and they each did things for the other without any obligation of repayment. He says he helped June in her time of need and was there for her … so they’re even.

Judge Greg Mathis presides over “Court Night Live” with Vinnie Politan doing the hosting and retired Judge Vonda Evans providing analysis.

The case will be heard live on A&E Wednesday at 9 PM.

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