Master P Wants Pelicans Head Coaching Gig, 'Zion Will Be Happy!'

Rap legend Master P knows exactly who the next head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans should be — MASTER P!!!! — telling TMZ Sports superstar Zion Williamson would LOVE the move!!

Of course, times are tough in NOLA — the Pels just fired Stan Van Gundy after one season … and there are reports Zion’s family isn’t too happy with the franchise.

We spoke with P about all the drama surrounding his hometown team … and his solution is to get himself on the sidelines as either a head or assistant coach.

“I think it’s time,” P tells us. “They gotta do something different, unique.”

Percy has hoops experience — he played preseason ball with the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors in the ’90s … and previously coached San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan at the AAU level.

“I played in the NBA, I done coached a lot of great players that are in the league. I done took my sons from being high school athletes to maybe they’ll be the next future big-time pro athletes.”

He added … “If they bring me in as a head coach or assistant coach, I think I can change the game!”

Remember, P told us back in 2017 he was close to joining Alvin Gentry‘s staff … and believes the coach would still have his job if he had brought him on board.

“I think he’d still have his job if he did that,” P says.

As for the reports regarding Zion, P thinks his involvement as a coach will certainly make everyone happy!!

“We’ll win and Zion will be happy,” P said. “Everything! I feel like it’s motivating the players and understanding them, that’s the most important thing.”

FYI — the Pels finished 31-41 this past season … but P is confident he can turn things around.

So, how would a rap mogul switch to NBA head coach sound?? P compares it to a former Heisman winner-turned MLB hopeful-turned NFL tight end.

“You look at Tim Tebow, they brought him to play as a tight end because they looking at times is changing.”

“The NBA is entertainment. I think it’s time for me to be the first hip-hop coach.”

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