Men Spend HOW MANY Hours Per Year Hiding In The Bathroom To Avoid Family Responsibilities?!

Sometimes nature calls… and sometimes you’ve just got to, uhhhh, get a little bit of time to yourself.

A recently resurfaced 2018 scientific study is going viral right now all across the English-speaking world, after women started comparing notes online about how often their husbands and male partners were indisposed in the bathroom — when they otherwise should have been doing diaper duty or other childcare responsibilities. And the findings are CRAZY!!!

The study, which was done in 2018 and commissioned by self-described “bathroom expert” company Pebble Grey found the average British man spends about SEVEN HOURS a year in the bathroom specifically to hide and “take refuge” away from his family.

That’s about eight minutes a week of extra bathroom time. Sound about right for your man?

Reported in UK outlet The Independent, the study quotes the owner of Pebble Grey, Helena Linsky, with her take on how the bathroom has become a hideout for men trying to take some time away from dad duty (below):

“We all need a little bit of time to ourselves to take stock or switch off completely, and the bathroom appears to be the go-to place for those moments. It’s very much a sanctuary, somewhere we can cut ourselves off from the outside world, albeit just temporarily. As the results suggest, peace and quiet are considered sacred and clearly men take the opportunity to get this where they can, and that’s often in the bathroom.”


Within the study — which surveyed more than 1,000 British men about their bathroom habits — the findings also revealed that more than 25% of the men “don’t know how they’d cope” with the stress of home without their extra bathroom breaks. Plus, a full 23% of the men called the bathroom their “safe place,” and over a third of the men surveyed admitted that the bathroom was their only opportunity for quiet time “when their other half is ‘nagging’ them and to avoid the children.” Yikes!!!

More interesting (and completely expected, to be honest), the study reports that women are the ones who keep the bathroom clean in more than 75% of cases for those surveyed… despite men being the ones who take all the time in there to hide out. Hmmm… can’t say we’re too shocked about that!!!

Even weirder still, the study found ten percent of households have adopted a “do not disturb” regulation in regards to time spent on the toilet… but 85 percent of those rule-setters still report getting interrupted all the same. It’d seem women are on to your little tricks, boys…

Still, for Linsky, breaking up bathroom time is a big no-no:

“Apparently some things aren’t sacred anymore — including being left alone to use the . So it’s no wonder so many households have introduced rules to prevent disturbances. Sadly, though, it seems few people adhere to this rule or respect the hallowed ground that is the bathroom.”

Yeah, well, maybe more households (women) would adhere to bathroom rules if more men got the f**k off the pot and helped with the damn housework and childcare every now and again!

Just a thought!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! How do U feel about all this craziness??

Sound OFF with your take on all the brazen bathroom-break brouhaha in the comments (below)!!!

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