Miami Marlins Coach Suffers Broken Leg After Being Drilled By Foul Ball

The Marlins will be on the hunt for a new third base coach for the next few weeks … ’cause their current one, Jody Reed, suffered a broken leg after he was struck by a foul ball on Wednesday.

The painful moment all went down during Miami’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium … when Jesus Sanchez was in the batter’s box taking hacks against Dakota Hudson.

At one point during the AB, Sanchez lined a pitch right at Reed … and it hit the coach flush in the lower leg.

“Look out Jody Reed!” the game’s announcer said after the baseball tagged him.

Reed tried to walk it off … but he had to exit the contest due to the pain. Later in the evening, Marlins manager Skip Schumaker revealed tests showed Reed had fractured a bone.

“He’s going to be down,” the coach said. “I’m not sure how long, but he had X-rays and the doctor said it was broke, so we’ll see how long he’s out for, unfortunately.”

Reed — a former MLB second baseman — joined the Marlins’ staff this year. He was replaced during Wednesday’s game by Griffin Benedict, though it’s unclear who Schumaker will have fill in going forward while Reed recovers.

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