Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi's Relationship Is Short but So, So Sweet

Stranger Things is dropping season 4 in just a few weeks (May 27 to! be! ex! act!), which means the cast is gearing up for a major and probably pretty exhausting round of press. And now that Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend are red carpet official, you can probably expect to see slightly more of Jake Bongiovi (yes, he’s Jon Bon Jovi’s son). These two are actually coming up on their one year anniversary, and a lot has happened in the past 12-ish months, so we’ve laid it out in a convenient timeline. Attention pls, let’s start at the beginning!

June 2021

Amid rumors they’re dating, Jake calls Millie his BFF on Instagram, seemingly reminding everyone that people can be friends, too. (Though, not in this case, lol.)

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This same month, the pair is spotted holding hands in photos published by People.

October 2021

Another day, another post of two “friends” to the grid.

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November 2021

Millie and Jake go Insta official on her Instagram and make it clear they’re more than mere BFFs with a blurry kissing pic:

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Meanwhile, Jake posts this:

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December 2021

The new couple celebrates Christmas together in cozy sweaters.

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January 2022

Millie subtly references Jake in an interview with Seventeen while talking about her love for Olivia Rodrigo, saying, “I love ‘1 Step Forward 3 Steps Back.’ It makes me wanna cry every time. I think my boyfriend’s gonna kill me if I listen to it around him anymore.”

February 2022

Millie and Jake dress up as Ken and Barbie for Millie’s 18th birthday, and honestly they commit to the look:

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March 2022

Millie and Jake make their official couples debut at the BAFTAs. His Ken vibes? Still going strong.

And there’s also a cute video, don’t worry:

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May 2022

Millie drops some cute pics of Jake on Instagram to celebrate his birthday, proving they are very much still going strong. She also appears to reveal that her nickname for him is…Schroobie Noobie. Somewhat alarming, but still better than when Justin Bieber was calling Hailey Bieber “Goo Goo.”

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Anyway! Stay tuned for more, because something tells us that an anniversary post is right around the corner.

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