Molly-Mae Hague says she was shouted at and kicked out of Dubai beach club

Love Island sensation Molly-Mae Hague has shared her experience of being “shouted at and kicked out” of an exclusive beach club, while holidaying in Dubai.

The 23 year old, who currently works as the creative director for Pretty Little Thing, recalled the moment she and partner Tommy Fury were kicked out of the swanky beach club due to a misunderstanding over the contents of her bag.

Sharing the tale with fans, Molly-Mae, explained that at one point the venue’s owner was “really shouting in my face” after having spotted a camera in her bag and believing she had been filming inside the venue without permission.

"We have now left Cove…" Molly-Mae begins in the clip, just as Tommy can be heard urging her not to leave a bad review until after they have received their refund.

"I'm not giving it a bad review, that's not me – I don't throw shade. But…"

"We basically just got kicked out at the end. Basically we were leaving because we want to go to Aqua Fun waterpark – because obviously we'd leave a cool vibey beach club to go to an aqua park, because that just sums us up…”

While attempting to pay the bill, the venue’s security guards spotted Molly-Mae’s vlogging camera and immediately were far from impressed with the idea of someone filming in the exclusive beach venue.

The star went on to explain how she hadn’t been using the camera at all during her stay on the sun loungers, although staff continued to question the young holidaymaker about how she had managed to gain access to the venue while carrying it at all.

Things then escalated as they began shouting at the pair to leave immediately.

"And then he tried to escort me out," the former reality TV star continues.

"Because Tommy was somewhere else trying to pay the bill, I was just stood there like, 'What is going on?'

"He was really shouting in my face and then he fully tried to escort me out of the beach club because I had the vlogging camera!”

During the short clip, Molly-Mae went on to explain that no-one at the venue had checked her bag prior to entering the club, before also adding that she hadn’t been made aware of any policy in place that prohibited cameras.

However, due to the unpleasantness of the experience and the situation which saw her shouted out, and the fact they had left the loungers early – the venue did agree to issue the couple with a full refund.

Thankfully, despite this blip, the couple went on to enjoy their time at the waterpark and the rest of their holiday, complete with some drama-free vlogs.

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