New weed breathalyzer will help cops arrest and charge drivers high on marijuana

‘The trial also concluded that detecting THC in breath for two to three hours requires the capability to measure complex molecules in breath at extraordinarily low levels – to one trillionth of a gram per liter of breath.’

The breathalyzer can also detect whether a person has vaporized or eaten a marijuana product, according to the company.

Advancements in the technology come as police across the country are working to adapt to the ever-growing legalization of recreational weed.

Five police departments in Michigan recently introduced a pilot program that uses a handheld device to test drivers’ saliva to determine whether they have smoked marijuana – although it reportedly cannot differentiate if a person is high at the moment of the test, or if they had ingested THC as an earlier time.

Hound Labs said: ‘“We have had a great deal of interest in our breathalyzer from law enforcement and employers in the U.S., and across the globe.’

‘“(We) continue to receive new inquiries regularly. … We have tested versions of the Hound marijuana breathalyzer with law enforcement as part of the development of the tool. Multiple law enforcement agencies are planning to use our breathalyzer when it becomes available.’

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