Oscar De La Hoya Explains Why He ‘Ran Away’ From Daughter Atiana and Let Travis Barker Raise Her

The former professional boxer, who shares 24-year-old Atiana with his ex Shanna Moakler, previously expressed his gratitude to the Blink-182 drummer for stepping in as Atiana’s dad during his absence.

AceShowbizOscar De La Hoya has his own reason why he “ran away” from his daughter, Atiana De La Hoya. The former professional boxer even let Travis Barker and his ex Shanna Moakler raise their now-24-year-old child because he “was scared.”

“I basically ran away,” the 50-year-old confessed on Allison Kugel’s “Allison Interviews” podcast, which was out on Thursday, July 20. He added, “I was scared. I was fearful.”

Oscar claimed he “did try to be a father full-time for a few years, and it was beautiful.” He then noted, “It was amazing to raise a little girl, but there came a point where you say to yourself, ‘Wait a minute. You’re not worthy of this.’ “

“You try to convince yourself that you are not worthy of this; that love is not possible in your life, because of what I lived through, not receiving that love when I was a kid,” the athlete continued. “My father never told me, ‘I love you.’ “

“My mother never told me she loved me. She never really gave me a hug. When I would cry, she would start hitting me,” the boxing promoter further elaborated. “That is how bad it was.”

Despite not being fully present in Atiana’s life, Oscar said that as a father, he “was always there, but not there.” He additionally explained, “It wasn’t your typical relationship with the father and the mother there 24/7. It wasn’t like that, but obviously, she is my daughter and I love her… You have to check in and you worry. Even though I was apart, I felt like I was always close, but I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough to do the job.”

Earlier this month, Oscar expressed his gratitude to Travis for stepping in as Atiana’s dad during his absence. “Look, I didn’t raise my kids, you know? Their moms did. And I have to give credit where credit is due, I’m grateful that Barker was there, you know, as a father figure for my daughter,” Oscar – who also has Jacob, 25, and Devon, 24, from previous relationships – told Entertainment Tonight.

“I have to be grateful that Shanna was a mother to Atiana, and just know my place, basically, you know? My place – I’m obviously a father, and I’m proud of it,” he declared. “But, again, I’m grateful for what they’ve done. Especially with Barker. He’s obviously stepped up to the plate.”

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