Paddy McGuinness talks surreal surprise in supermarket that left him pinching himself

Sunday Brunch: Paddy McGuinness talks about his anxiety

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Paddy McGuinness, 48, has become one of the most beloved British presenters on TV, with his down to earth nature, sense of humour, and family values all ticking the boxes we love to see in a celebrity. And despite hosting one of the UK’s biggest car shows that’s watched in countries around the world, Paddy admitted he was left “pinching himself” after he was stopped in a supermarket and asked to sign copies of his new book.

I’ve been doing this job for over twenty years but it was a real pinch myself moment

Paddy McGuinness

Paddy’s latest memoir My Lifey, was published last month and has been a huge hit with fans of the Bolton lad.

It delves into mischief and misadventure, joy and sorry, while touching on Paddy’s successes and huge challenges he’s had to overcome.

Writing a book is one thing, but receiving overwhelming reviews from fans is something quite different.

Taking to Twitter, Paddy revealed he was approached by two customers who’d just bought the autobiography, and got rather emotional while he thanked everyone for their support over the years.

“I had a surreal but lovely moment in the supermarket today,” he penned.

“Stopped by two different people who’d just bought a copy of my book and asked me to sign them.”

Paddy added: “I’ve been doing this job for over twenty years but it was a real pinch myself moment.

“Nice surprise on my big shop. #MyLifey.”

Rushing to the comments section, his followers couldn’t have been happier for him, stating that he deserves all the success.

“Down to earth guys like you make it all worth while being asked to sign your book, most celebs would get annoyed by this whilst out shopping. Prob made their day just a small gesture,” one wrote.

Another agreed: “That must’ve been the most amazing feeling.”

“Paddy you deserve it mate you’re a fantastic human being plus a Bolton fan doesn’t get any better,” a third praised.

A fourth commented: “Amazing book, I laughed and cried #MyLifey.”

“Goes to show Paddy, if you hang around the book aisle looking desperate long enough someone will take pitty on you,” a fifth joked with a wink face.

While a sixth noted: “After that Eddie Kidd tribute last night I think I might just go and buy it too. Nostalgia for me as I grew up in Great Lever at a similar time to you.”

The comment comes after the new series of Top Gear returned last night with a special tribute episode to former stunt rider Eddie Kidd, who left paralysed after an accident in 1996, which saw him suffer life-changing brain injuries.

He is now unable to walk and talk without assistance, and the spectacle of stunt drivers and motorcyclists moved many viewers to tears.

Eddie and his biking talent featured in various movies, such as James Bond and also doubled for Val Kilmer in Top Secret!, while competing in multiple competitions, going on to perform 12,000 jumps over his career.

The former stuntman also appeared in the episode alongside Paddy, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris, and was overcome with emotion at the incredible display in his honour, which then prompted Paddy to tear up.

“B****y Hell, we’re all at it,” he exclaimed as he wiped his eyes.

Top Gear season 31 airs every Sunday on BBC Two.

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