Paul OGrady, 66, sparks concern with accident waiting to happen during trip to Venice

Paul O'Grady announces death of his dog 'Bullseye'

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Paul O’Grady, 66, has claimed he is an “accident waiting to happen” as he took a pair of sunglasses with an old prescription on holiday, and was struggling to see clearly. Not only that, but one of his ears also popped on the plane and the TV presenter’s ability to hear has been heavily impacted, causing him “total sensory deprivation” while trying to enjoy his time in Italy.

On Instagram, Paul shared a selfie outside gorgeous multi-coloured buildings while wearing large black sunglasses. He typed: “An accident waiting to happen. 

“The shades are an old prescription and the world looks a little fuzzy, my ear popped on the plane and it hasn’t come back yet so I’m a bit Mutt and Jeff in one ear and the mask just adds to the total sensory deprivation experience. 

“These steps on the old bridges have been worn away over the years and consequently are like glass so there’s a possibility I might go flying into the canal. 

“If I do then I’m taking a couple of kids and an American tourist with me,” he joked.

The star explained he was staying on a small island near Venice, and was still wearing his mask to ensure he stays protected from coronavirus while exploring the narrow streets.

He continued: “I’m in Burano, an island not far from Venice. The houses are all painted different colours and it looks lovely.

“Got me mask on as some of the narrow streets are a bit crowded and besides, everyone else has got theirs on. (sic)

“Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather back home.#burano #venice #venicefilmfestival #holiday,” he added.

In response, his fans told him to “stay safe” and try to enjoy his trip.

One commented: “Enjoy, be safe.”

A second commented: “Hope you are well Paul.”

While a third typed: “Take care, all round.”

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“See you Sunday tea time, Paul don’t fall,” remarked a fourth.

Paul lost both his parents to heart problems and he is now trying to stay healthy after suffering three heart attacks.

The veteran TV star told The Sun on Sunday newspaper last year: “My cardiologist says I have the constitution of an ox.

“Three days after my last heart attack, I was back fire-eating with McFly.

“The heart is a muscle so you have two choices: sit on the sofa and count your tablets all day, or get on with it and get moving – swimming and walking, gentle exercise.”

The star has also quit alcohol in a bid to live a cleaner lifestyle.

He said: “I’ve just sort of gone off booze. I didn’t even have a drink on my birthday last month.

“It’s not like the old days when I could neck 10 pints of cider – now I’d be ill as a dog. The hangovers aren’t worth it.”

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