Penny Lancaster admits she only wanted to have some fun upon meeting Rod Stewart at 28

Celebrity Masterchef: Penny Lancaster jokes Rod is a challenge

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Model Penny Lancaster, 50, has spoken out about meeting her rocker husband Rod Stewart for the first time at the age of 28. The mother-of-two revealed that she had just got out of a long-term relationship and was only wanting to “have fun” when she met the Maggie May hitmaker, who was 53 at the time and had recently ended his eight-year marriage to his second wife Rachel Hunter.

But I’d just come out of a nine-year relationship and wanted to have some fun

Penny Lancaster

The star, who is now a special constable in the police force, told in a new interview that she never dreamed she’d end up married to the singer-songwriter.

Addressing her 14-year marriage to Rod, she said: “I never imagined in the beginning it would be what it is today, who would?

“But I’d just come out of a nine-year relationship and wanted to have some fun and not make too much of a point of wondering what was going to happen in the future.”

Penny went on to reveal that having a long-distance relationship with the star helped bring them closer together.

She explained: “I think what worked for us was we had quite a long-distance relationship for the first year.

“After I stopped modelling at 25 I became a mature student.”

Penny shared that they bonded over their joint love of art and would see each other every couple of months.

She said: “I was studying photography in England and he was living in America full-time so I’d fly out at half-term.

“Otherwise we’d just be on the phone endlessly.

“I knew he had a great love of Pre-Raphaelite art and we had the same book which we’d flip through together,” she told The Daily Mail Weekend Magazine.

The loved-up couple have previously spoken about meeting for the first time on ITV’s Loose Women.

Appearing together, Penny told how she went up to the rockstar to ask for his autograph after her friends dared her.

She said: “It was a dare from a mate to go up and ask for his autograph and then the next night I got an invitation to go to a concert and photograph him.

“I was at photography college at the time, and you know 15 years later I am photographing his album covers now.”

Rod added: “When we first met I got her phone number as I had just broken up, I gave it to the bass player.

“A couple of days later I went, ‘Can I have Penny’s phone number?’ and he went, ‘No, you’re not ready yet’, and he kept it for six months.”

Sir Rod then looked at Penny and said: “He kept it for six months, and then I called you.”

Talking of how she felt during the six months with no answer from Rod, Penny said: “I did know that he had only just broken up, so I kind of gave it a bit of a grace period.”

Penny also spoke of how she didn’t think Rod was into her at first.

She added: “I really truly thought it was just him [doing it] out of the kindness of his heart, saying, ‘Come and take some photos, I know you’re at college [and] I want to help you out.’

“And then he called me up six months later and said, ‘Let’s go out, I’d love to see those photos you took’ and so the rest is history.”

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