Peter Andre divides fans after claiming that man flu is real and men suffer more than women

Peter Andre has ignited a huge social media debate after claiming that man flu is real.

In a video shared to his Instagram platform on Thursday, the 48 year old revealed that both he and his road manager Carl had been "moaning" a lot lately because they were poorly.

Stating that he had researched "man flu", the Mysterious Girl hitmaker went on to claim that a professor had said that men suffer from colds more than women because of their testosterone levels.

Peter, who warned ex Katie Price to "stop dragging him into her circus", said: "Carl and I, we've both got the lurgy and oh are we moaning!"

"Now look, guys, I've read somewhere, and I don't know how true this is, but apparently, a professor said that the man flu is real," he said.

Breaking out into a smile, he told his listeners: "Don't laugh because it's got something to do with the testosterone levels compared to oestrogen levels.

"Look, some of you are going to go, 'oh, obviously the professor was a man'. Now, I don't know what the professor was, but I do know the man flu is real, and our testosterone levels make it worse than we feel"

Peter looked at Carl, who said he "100 per cent" agreed with what Peter was saying.

However, his Instagram followers weren't too convinced, with one commenting: "No men are just wimps with illnesses."

Another wrote: "The professor was a man …enough said" while a third humoured: "Don't tell my husband!!

"@Peterandre rambling as always, talking utter rubbish, man flu is man-made and just a cold," another said.

However, other men showed support, with one commenting: "Now it's a fact I will explain to my wife."

Another spoke from experience, saying: "Yes, man flu is real had it all last week."

This comes after Pete, who shares Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with ex Katie, 43, spoke out because he's sick of getting caught up in her drama.

"Pete doesn't want to be dragged into Katie's circus because he's not a part of it," a source told OK!

"Once in a while, he feels he needs to put it out there that's it's not him and he doesn't do those sort of things. It's a circus, and it's not something he wants to be involved in."

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