Peter Andre teases wife Emily for dressing like IKEA’s bright yellow bags during furniture shop

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Peter Andre couldn't hide his amusement at wife Emily's outfit during a furniture shopping trip after spotting a striking resemblance between her bright yellow ensemble and IKEA's signature carrier bag.

Posting a series of shots of Emily posing next to the bag on his Instagram, Peter, 47, added the caption: "I think Emily got the dress memo for IKEA :)) @ikeauk #yellow."

The singer also posted a funny clip of Emily sitting on a matching yellow sofa, asking the NHS doctor: "OK this is getting ridiculous, did you think before you came out?"

Emily, 30, appeared to take the joke in good humour, holding up the big and giving a big thumbs up the camera.

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Fans flooded the comments, with one joking: "When ya get so famous you have to go to extreme lengths to blend in."

Another added: "My 6 yr old asked why is she dressed like bumblebee transformer!"

The couple's outing comes after Peter recently revealed that Emily had tested positive for coronavirus antibodies after secretly battling with the deadly disease in March.

The singer revealed his wife of five years had been struck down with “strange” symptoms and self-isolated for two weeks earlier this year.

Emily had been working on the frontline when she began to feel “very unwell” with a headache, sore throat and aching limbs and she also was unable to taste or smell.

The couple then decided Emily would self-isolate and they would keep her illness a secret from their children Amelia, six, and Theodore, three, as well as Peter’s elder children, Junior, 15, and Princess, 12, who he shares with ex Katie Price.

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Peter, who’s son Junior also self-isolated after having coronavirus symptoms, revealed their decision to keep the “worst time” away from the kids was because Emily “didn’t want to worry anyone or cause drama”.

But, after testing positive for the antibodies for the virus, Peter and Emily have now decided to speak out.

In a clip, from their series with The Sun, the dad-of-four said: “There's excellent news that you got your antibody test and that you're positive.”

Emily added: “To be honest we thought it would be… it means that my body has mounted an immune response to the covid virus at some point in the past. It means I had it at some point.”

She continued: “I felt a bit under, I had a bit of a sore throat, my glands were up. The bizarre thing was the taste and smell – I've never experienced that with another virus.

"I have if I’ve been really congested, I’ve lost my taste and smell, but I had no congestion at all so it was really bizarre.”

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