Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan donate 200 knit caps to New Zealand kids

There’s a New Zealand company called Make Give Live which makes little knit beanie hats for babies. They have a similar scheme to the Duchess of Sussex’s SmartWorks capsule collection in 2019 – for every one baby beanie bought, one is donated to a baby in need of a cute beanie. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex bought a Make Give Live beanie in 2019, and baby Archie was photographed in the beanie for one of their end-of-year photos in 2019. And now, at the end of 2020, the Sussexes went back to the company… and ordered 100 more knit caps.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wear many hats. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave back this Christmas by purchasing 100 hats from Make Give Live, a New Zealand social enterprise that provides knitwear for kids in need. The purchase, made in their son Archie’s name, will allow the group to create 200 hats for New Zealand families based on their buy-one-give-one model. The couple appear to be longtime supporters of the organization, as they shared a sweet photo of Archie in the Make Give Live Cocobear Hat ($49) on New Year’s Eve in 2019.

When founder Claire Conza asked for help sending Meghan and Harry a Christmas card this year to thank them for their support, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern passed along the message.

“Thank you @jacindaardern for letting them know we were trying to get in touch…We love that they share our values and wrote to us just before Christmas to order 100 beanies to donate to Archie’s Kiwi friends (children in need in NZ),” Make Give Live wrote on Instagram. “They said that they wanted to help our members continue to enjoy making, connecting and supporting each other which has never been as important as now,” the post continued.

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I’m including Make Give Live’s Instagram post below, where they have a more complete explanation of what happened – Make Give Live was trying to get in touch with the Sussexes to thank them for including their knit cap in the photo of Archie and Harry. New Zealand’s president Jacinda Arden connected them and Harry and Meghan ended up ordering 100 beanies and asked that those 100 caps be donated to New Zealanders, and because of the company’s policy, that means an additional 100 caps will be donated. The Cocobear caps retail for $49 NZD which is $35 USD… so Harry and Meghan donated $3,500 to give away 200 baby caps to Kiwi kids. Very cute.

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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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