Prince Harry emotional during Invictus Games speech as Meghan cheers him on

Prince Harry became visibly tearful as he gave an emotional speech at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games.

The royal began his speech in German, before going on to say that the Invictus Games are "more than a sporting event" and are also a "platform for positive change."

Harry's wife Meghan Markle could be seen supporting her husband from the crowd as she joined those applauding the Duke of Sussex's speech.

During the closing ceremony, Harry also revealed an emotional moment he had shared with Master Corporal James Gendron during the games, when Harry noticed a pair of bagpipes in the Invictus 2025 tent.

The Duke of Sussex recalled: "While we were chatting, I noticed bagpipes lying on the floor in the corner. Some of you may know what bagpipes mean to me, so I couldn't help but hope they'd be played.

"Little did I know that thirty minutes later, it would be James picking them up and offering to play – yet I had NO idea what they meant to him.

"Nor did I know what memories they triggered for him. In Afghanistan he played 63 ramp ceremonies. For 63 caskets. For 63 souls. For 63 families.

"For four years after that last ceremony, he couldn't touch them. This week he wasn't sure whether he could bring himself to PLAY them. But he did. What had once haunted him, dare I say it, may now be what helps heal him."

In his memoir Spare, which released earlier this year Harry had discussed how bagpipes could be heard at the funeral of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

He wrote: "With bagpipes it's not the tune, it's the tone. Thousands of years old, bagpipes are built to amplify what's already in the heart. If you're feeling silly, bagpipes make you sillier.

"If you're angry, bagpipes bring your blood to a higher boil. And if you're in grief, even if you’re twelve years old and don't know you're in grief, maybe especially if you don't know, bagpipes can drive you mad."

Harry was supported by his wife, Meghan Markle, at the closing ceremony, as she watched his speech from the crowd.

And the former actress turned Duchess, could be seen smiling as Team USA took to the stage as Bruce Springsteen's hit Born in the USA played in the stadium.

During the games, Harry celebrated his 39th birthday, although this was pointedly ignored by the royal family, including his father King Charles.

Rather than wishing his son a Happy Birthday, the King's social media accounts were used to praise a number of other members of the royal family, including his eldest son Prince William.

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