Rapper Lil Devins Brother Dubs His Murder at Family New Years Eve Party Traumatic

The Anderson rapper, born Devin Swain, was killed at his family’s home after several masked men entered their home and attacked the 24-year-old emcee on Friday night, December 31.

AceShowbiz -New Year’s Eve will now become a night of remembrance to Lil Devin‘s family. His brother has called it “traumatic” after the rapper was killed at his family’s home during a New Year’s Eve party.

Devin, whose real name was Devin Swain, was attacked by several masked men who entered his family’s home on Friday night, December 31, according to Fox59. Officers were initially called to the home in the 1700 block of Lockerbie Court for a possible home invasion robbery.

When police arrived, they found Devin with “injuries to his chest.” He was taken to an Anderson hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries. He was only 24 years old.

Speaking to the news outlet, Devin’s brother Donald Cox said of the harrowing night, “It was traumatic very traumatic some thing that I wouldn’t want anyone to ever go through.” He added, “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone’s family.”

“It’s definitely hard we never really expected like something like this to come about to such a phenomenal person,” Donald continued of his brother. He went on raving about the late rapper. “He was just one of those people that believed in me before I even believed in myself.”

During his life, Devin mentored aspiring rappers like 14-year-old Rashawn Samuels. To his protege Rashawn, Devin was remembered as “a good person.” The teen shared, “He was all about all the kids staying in school, doing good, listen to your parents.”

“He was a good, respectful, loving person,” he continued gushing about his late mentor. “He didn’t deserve it. He was a good person.” Both Devin’s family and Rashawn want whoever did this to be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, Anderson Police said it is still early in the investigation. No arrest has been made in the murder as police asked anyone with information on what happened to give a call at 765-648-6676.

Devin started his rapping career by posting his songs on YouTube around 2016-2017. He released his mixtapes and other singles in 2018, followed by his first studio album titled “448gz”. He released “Still Gettin’ off, Vol 1” in the same year and another studio album titled “4eva ME” in 2020. His last album titled “900 Vet” was released in 2021.

Just hours before his death, Devin took to Instagram to wish everyone a Happy New Year. “Everybody who f**k up be tryna find they waaayyy back to me, I was real actually,” he wrote in his post. “Wishing Everybody A Successful 2022.”

The comments section was soon flooded with messages of condolences from his friends and fans. “we hurt behind this one,” one follower wrote. A second person simply commented, “Rip.” A third added, “Fly high bro, my OG’s was just putting me on your music.”

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