Relief as The Crown star Claire Foy gets restraining order against crazed stalker

Claire Foy explains why she dislikes the phrase 'slut-shaming'

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Jason Penrose, 39, sent Ms Foy’s publicist more than 1,000 explicit emails, including one referring to the actress being raped and brutalised.

The star, 38, was horrified when US-born Penrose turned up at her home in London last December and repeatedly rang the doorbell. Police were called and Penrose was arrested.

After interviewing the actress, the Met Police were granted an interim stalking protection order earlier this year. It banned him from contacting her or her publicist Emma Jackson.

Penrose ended up in court yesterday after sending her a letter and a parcel from the mental hospital where he is being treated.

Imposing a five-year stalking protection order, District Judge Michael Oliver said: “I am sure, based on the evidence, that Mr Penrose has carried out acts associated with stalking.

“Thousands of emails were sent to Ms Foy and, on one occasion, Mr Penrose attended her home address. There are other incidences of stalking as well.

“I am also sure that Mr Penrose poses a risk associated with stalking.”

Penrose sent a letter to the actress on February 7 and then a parcel on February 25, Highbury magistrates court heard. The judge said: “I am satisfied that an order is necessary.

“It appears that Mr Penrose has been receiving treatment and imminently will be well enough to be discharged from hospital. It appears that the reason for the conduct was a ­delusional belief Mr Penrose had about Ms Foy.

“I have also taken into account the profound effect this conduct has had on Ms Foy, and indeed Ms Jackson.

“An order is clearly necessary and proportionate to protect them.”

The order bans Penrose from contacting Ms Foy or Ms Jackson, entering the London boroughs where they live or attending their workplaces.

Penrose first contacted Ms Foy last August, asking her to be in a film he was writing. By December, he was emailing saying that he wanted to be her boyfriend.

Ella Crine, prosecuting, told said: “Obviously, there are great concerns on behalf of the complainant, due to the nature of the communications. It has affected her daily life.”

Penrose is currently detained at Highgate Mental Health Centre, north London, which is inside the “exclusion area” ­outlined in the protection order.

Moira Macfarlane, defending, disputed reports that Penrose had threatened to rape Ms Foy, claiming he had simply “commented” that someone else might.

She said Penrose is now well enough to leave but is unable to without risk of breaching the order.

Ms Macfarlane said: “He is fit to leave hospital but, because the order is in place and where the hospital is, he cannot travel outside of it.”

The authorities are trying to find him suitable accommodation, the court heard.

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