Ronnie Woods ex Jo Wood, 67, says she told her grandchildren about drug-taking past

Jo Wood opens up about her split from ex-husband Ronnie

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Jo Wood has revealed that her grandchildren know about her rock and roll past with her ex-husband Ronnie Wood. In a candid new interview, the businesswoman, 67, candidly admitted that she told her grandchildren about her drug-taking past in her heyday.

They just have to Google it don’t they, so that’s why I thought it better to be honest

Jo Wood

The model admitted that her grandchildren now have a new nickname for her, “gangsta granny”, after she openly discussed her past with them.

Jo said: “My grandchildren asked me the other day if I had done any drugs, and I said, “Why?” And they said, “We want to know gran.”

“And I said, ‘Yes, well that was all part of rock n roll.’

“So now they call me gangster granny.,” she added.

Jo went on: “It was the 13-year-old who asked.

“They just have to Google it don’t they, so that’s why I thought it better to be honest,” she told MailOnline.

Elsewhere, Jo opened up to about her split from her rockstar ex-husband.

Jo and Ronnie split 13 years ago, but in a recent interview the former model didn’t rule out marrying for a third time.

However, Jo said that it’s not on her mind at the moment as she’s “happy” being single.

When asked if she would consider marrying for a third time, the mother-of-three told how it isn’t on the cards for her at the moment.

Jo said: “Who knows? I’m quite happy as I am actually.

“You know, you never know. You can never say never.

“But I’m quite happy as I am,” Jo admitted.

She added: “I’ve got my kids around me. I’ve got lots of friends. I’m good.”

Jo and Ronnie married in 1985.

They seperated in 2009 following 26 years of marriage but remained close.

Jo and Ronnie share three children, Jo’s adopted son Jamie, daughter Leah, and son Tyrone.

Ahead of marrying the Stones musician, Jo was previously married to Peter Greene.

In 1973, the couple eloped to Las Vegas but divorced three years later.

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