Rudy Giuliani left the hospital after receiving the same experimental drugs as Trump

Rudy Giuliani tested positive for the coronavirus last weekend, after he spent weeks traveling around the country, maskless and rage-farting, making the case that Democratic votes didn’t count. God knows how many people he infected with the virus, and he was reportedly feeling ill for days before he was actually tested. Trump immediately pulled some strings and got Giuliani admitted into a hospital, where Rudy was authorized for the same experimental and expensive treatments given to Trump back in October. Rudy left the hospital yesterday:

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, left the hospital Wednesday after spending four days there battling the deadly coronavirus. The 76-year-old former New York mayor, who is leading Trump’s longshot legal challenges to overturn the presidential election results, was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital on Sunday. Giuliani said in a radio interview Wednesday morning that he was feeling well and announced he would be leaving the facility later that day.

“I feel just about 100% right now,” he told TalkRadio 77 WABC. “I’ve got to quarantine for a few more days. Because the way they calculate it, I probably got (infected with coronavirus) seven, eight days ago. So I’ve got about three or four more days to make sure it’s out of my system.”

He was spotted by reporters leaving the hospital in a vehicle just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, and flashed a thumbs up to the cameras. Giuliani, who noted he wasn’t currently experiencing any major symptoms, claimed that some of the medications he was administered while in the hospital worked like “miracles.”

“There’s one that I took — by the next morning I felt like I was 10 years younger,” he said, adding that he took “some of the same medicines” Trump took when he was battling the virus, though he didn’t specifically name any.

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Before Giuliani was released from the hospital, he called into the same radio show from his hospital bed, where he actually gave out this advice: “Things happen in life and you have to go with them,. You can overreact to them. Otherwise, you let the fear of illness drive your entire life. So I’ve never overreacted to it…. I’d rather face risk than live in a basement all my life.” He said this after checking into the hospital before having major symptoms, and while he was getting an experimental drug cocktail which is not available to 99.9% of the public. He also railed against all of the public health restrictions: “They enforce these mask rules and the rules are so ridiculous they can’t live by them….I think you can overdo the masks. You can overdo almost anything. Everything done in moderation makes much more sense.” Ah, yes, moderate use of masks. The hallmark of public safety in a deadly pandemic which is killing Americans by the thousands on a daily basis. Over 3,000 people died yesterday in America from the coronavirus, the same day Rudy was released from the hospital.

Vanity Fair also reports that Rudy “resisted going to the hospital because he knew how terrible the optics of contracting COVID would look.” He was apparently “trying to pretend it was just the flu.” Did he not get a flu shot???? Jesus. Sources also tell VF that despite what Rudy says now, his symptoms “were serious enough to necessitate treatment. A third source, close to Giuliani, said he required supplemental oxygen and received the experimental Regeneron drug.” And this: “It was pretty grave. His lungs were bothering him a lot.” Well maybe he should have f–king worn a mask and/or stayed home? Jesus.

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