Sam Asghari Blames Disrespectful Diner for Britney Spears Alleged Restaurant Meltdown

The 28-year-old model denies that he stormed out during his wife’s alleged ‘manic’ episode in a restaurant, while an employee claims that ‘the disruptor wasn’t Britney.’

AceShowbizSam Asghari has shared details of his date night with Britney Spears, which allegedly turned ugly amid reports of her public meltdown. Denying that his wife had a “manic” episode, the model has shared his side of the story.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Sam blamed “disrespectful” fan for what happened that night. “People get a little bit excited to see my wife. So everybody is filming, everybody is doing their thing,” he told a paparazzo on Sunday, January 15 about how it all began.

Feeling uncomfortable because of the fans’ intrusive behavior, Sam said he simply left to get to the car, prompting the reports that he stormed out of the eatery without Britney. “I want to get to the car to get the hell out of there,” but people said he “left,” which he claimed “didn’t happen.”

The 28-year-old confirmed that the situation left them feeling frustrated and he found the fans’ behavior “disrespectful.”

Confirming Sam’s claims, Page Six reports that it wasn’t Britney who caused a scene at Joey in Woodland Hills, California on Friday night. An employee at the restaurant tells the site, “The disruptor wasn’t Britney – it was the diner who taunted her by taking a video without consent.”

The staffer explains that the pop star “was understandably upset,” adding that Sam “only left briefly to get their car, but he did not storm out.”

Previously, TMZ reported that Britney was acting “manic” at the restaurant and talking gibberish. The site claimed Sam was “visibly upset” and “stormed out” of the eatery without his wife, who allegedly walked out a couple of minutes later, leaving her bodyguard to pick up the bill.

However, footage of the incident only showed Britney shielding her face with a menu while another patron filmed her on a cellphone in the middle of the establishment.

Britney later responded by giving a middle finger in an Instagram video on Saturday. As for her husband Sam, he posted a message on his Story which read, “Don’t believe what you read online people.”

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