SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Malcolm McLaren lover's book is a punk shocker

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Malcolm McLaren lover’s sex book is a real punk shocker

Godfather of punk Malcolm Mclaren

He had a talent for pushing the boundaries beyond what was conventionally acceptable.

So Malcolm McLaren, the Godfather of Punk, would have been delighted that, more than a decade after his death, he is embroiled in a marmalade-dropper of a memoir — described by one critic as ‘the most graphically effective sex writing I’ve read in a long time’.

It’s the debut literary work of Young Kim, the petite Korean-American who shared the past 12 years of McLaren’s life after meeting him at a party in Paris, held after a show given by McLaren’s former lover, Vivienne Westwood.

Kim, then a fashion student, was 26; McLaren was 52.

She walked up to him and said: ‘I wanted to meet you’.

Within a week they were lovers and remained together until the impresario’s death from cancer aged 64 in 2010.

Young Kim assures me McLaren would have been thrilled by what she has written. ‘He would have loved it for its daring and originality and the act of turning one’s life into a work of art. He loved anything new.’

Yet Kim might have remained silent about their time together had she not embarked on a subsequent relationship six years after McLaren’s death with an American from the punk pantheon — Richard Hell, who performed in cult 1970s bands such as Neon Boys, Television, The Heartbreakers and Richard Hell & The Voidoids.

‘Richard Hell asked me to write something dirty for him — something I had never considered doing before in my life,’ Kim tells me from her home in Los Angeles.

Malcolm McLaren would have been delighted that he is embroiled in a marmalade-dropper of a memoir, the debut literary work from Young Kim who shared the last 12 years of Malcolm’s life

Hell, who was 67 when they met, suggested that she write something ‘sexually provocative’ about their first night together.

She agreed because she ‘enjoyed giving him what he wanted’ and because she has ‘always enjoyed writing letters to friends and keeping a diary’.

The book — entitled A Year On Earth With Mr Hell — evolved almost accidentally after that.

‘It was never planned. I never considered any artistic limits.

‘It never occurred to me that the book would be unusual in its frank and graphic nature about sex. It was just about happy moments.’

Hell, alas, is ‘not happy’, says Kim, which disappoints her as, she explains, he has ‘written freely and openly about his sex life for many years.

‘Malcolm, on the other hand, once he got over the initial surprise, would have recognised and appreciated the work for what it is and he would have embraced it.’

Et voila! Actress Lily Collins, who starred in the stylish Netflix series, Emily In Paris, proves she doesn’t just have a flair for fashion on screen.

The 31-year-old daughter of musician Phil Collins and his ex-wife, U.S. actress Jill Tavelman, had fun recently dressing up in a £2,000 Oscar de la Renta tweed mini-dress and £735 white shirt, teamed with £1,108 Christian Louboutin black suede knee-high boots.

‘Gone mod,’ the Surrey-born star explains, referring to the signature Swinging Sixties trend that kicked off in London.

She completed the look with big hair and heavy, winged- eyeliner. ‘I’ve been a fashion lover since I could put clothes on,’ she adds.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen aims to cheer us up with the return of Changing Rooms.

‘My mission is to make Britain bright again,’ he says of the new Channel 4 show.

‘In lockdown, people looked at dull walls and thought, “This isn’t me. I am eccentric, eclectic, sexy. I drink too much gin, have too much fun.”

All things denied are cast in sharp relief by an empty room.’ 

Model Eva Herzigova has bounced back after her Covid diagnosis last month, and claims homeopathy — treatment based on using highly diluted substances — aided her recovery

 Eva’s dropping gets over Covid

Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova has bounced back after her Covid diagnosis last month, and claims homeopathy — treatment based on using highly diluted substances — aided her recovery.

The 47-year-old sought out a practitioner in South Kensington, London. ‘I’m back to myself.

‘I still get moments of brain fog and fatigue but I’m feeling much better,’ says the Vogue cover star.

‘I have been taking homeopathy drops that have pulled me through the darkness. And I’ve been back on my favourite probiotic — that is also doing its magic.’ 

American Pie singer Don McLean was flattered when Harry and Meghan picked his 1970 song And I Love You So for their wedding reception.

But he fears their relocation to the U.S. will deprive the Duchess of her place in history. ‘Had she stayed [in Britain], she would’ve been a fantastic historical figure.

But I guess it was too painful,’ says McLean, who wrote a song, Run, Diana Run, about Harry’s mother.

‘Any influence won’t be in the context of the Royal Family. She’d be the trend-setter she wants to be. It would have changed everything.’ 

After accidently getting blood on her waistcoat Twiggy relied on her daughter Carly for a top tip to get it out before she went to receive her Damehood at Buckingham Palace in March 2019

 Twiggy’s royal spot of bother

Quick thinking saved Sixties model Twiggy from a painful fashion faux pas just before she received her Damehood.

She wore a cream Stella McCartney three-piece suit for the 2019 ceremony but says: ‘I wore a hat my granddaughter, Joni, picked out.

‘I was putting a hat pin through it and pricked my finger — blood went on my waistcoat.’

Twiggy, 71, adds: ‘Carly, my daughter, had heard if you get a tissue and put a bit of spit on it, it takes out blood — it worked, and I tottered off to the Palace.’

Self-confessed narcissist Russell Brand has found the perks of being famous harder to utilise during a pandemic.

‘It turns out that fame is actually largely unfulfilling,’ he admits, ‘although you can sometimes use it to get a seat at a restaurant. But restaurants are shut now anyway.’

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