Sir David Attenborough answers questions from Billie Eilish and David Beckham

A host of stars have asked Sir David Attenborough their burning questions about nature in honour of the release of David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet. 

The legendary natural historian, 94, received video messages from a selection of his celebrity fans, including David Beckham. Billie Eilish and Maisie Williams. 

Becks asked Sir David what message he would send children about the future of our world, to which he replied: ‘To look after the wild world of which we are a part. To care for the animals you see. 

‘Don’t waste things – don’t waste food or electricity. Look after the natural world – it is the most precious thing we have and we are a part of it.’

Billie Eilish asked how Sir David copes with his feelings about animals going extinct, to which he admitted: ‘You feel desperate.’

He explained that he had seen the devastation that has been caused to the natural world first-hand after revisiting the first coral reef he had dived at years later to see the brightly coloured corals left dead and white due to the rise in temperatures. 

Asa Butterfield, Trish Allison and Kedar Williams of Sex Education, Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Judie Dench also left him video messages to pick his brain on environmental issues and his six-decade career. 

Sir David’s latest film comes as he broke the record for the fastest person to reach one million followers on Instagram. 

He smashed the record previously held by Jennifer Aniston after he joined the platform with a video warning about the dangers of global warming. 

David has been a viewers’ favourite for 67 years, since making his on-screen debut in Animal Disguises on BBC Children’s Television in September 1953. 

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet will launch globally on Netflix October 4, 2020.

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