Some Attendees at Trump’s White House Balcony Speech Had Their Travel Paid, New Report Claims

Donald Trump just made his first public appearance since testing positive for COVID-19, even though he likely could still be infected with the coronavirus.

The President of the United States gave a speech from the balcony of the White House on Saturday morning (October 10) in Washington, D.C.

Two thousand people were invited to stand on the South Lawn and hear Trump‘s speech about “law and order,” just one week after he was in the hospital.

A new report from ABC News claims that some of the attendees at the event “had their travel and lodging paid for by controversial conservative activist Candace Owens‘ group BLEXIT.”

BLEXIT is billed as “a campaign urging Black Americans to leave the Democratic Party” and the group reportedly asked potential rally attendees to fill out a form, which notified them that travel costs would be covered. They also attended a separate event organized by BLEXIT earlier in the day.

People who attended the BLEXIT event are all wearing blue shirts… and it looks like nearly everyone at the White House event is wearing those blue shirts.

Even though all guests were required to bring a mask to the event, they were reportedly not required to wear them.

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