Storm Reid Calls Zendaya Her ‘Bonus Big Sister’ In New Interview

Storm Reid is gushing on her friendship with Zendaya!

The two co-star in the HBO series Euphoria, where they play sisters Rue and Gia.

For her November cover story of InStyle magazine, Storm gushed about Zendaya and how she looks up to her.

“I’ve been a fangirl of hers since the beginning of time, and now she’s like my bonus big sister,” Storm told the mag. “She’s so genuine, and whether I need advice about ‘growing up in Hollywood,’ as they say, or just advice as a teenage girl trying to figure out life, she’s always a phone call away.”

She also opened up about how she picks her roles to help create change with more representation.

“The projects I choose to be part of are very intentional,” Storm shared. “I see each one as an opportunity to have a progressive conversation and represent people and situations that are underrepresented. Young girls deserve to see themselves onscreen. Because how can you feel like you’re able to succeed when you don’t see yourself succeeding?”

If you missed it, Storm shared a super sweet video of her reacting to Zendaya‘s recent Emmy win!

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