Supreme Court Erects Massive Fence to Keep Protesters at Bay

No one’s on the fence over abortion, so maybe that’s why SCOTUS put a massive one around the third branch of government.

It’s certainly a sign of the times … a construction crew began erecting a fence Wednesday night around the perimeter of the Supreme Court building. As you certainly know by now, the area around the court has been flooded with protesters on both sides, this after a draft opinion leaked, signaling the end of Roe v. Wade.

There hasn’t been any violence of note, but clearly, that’s on the minds of people inside that building, especially in the wake of January 6th.

Some of the justices reportedly have begun canceling public appearances — speaking engagements and the like — because of safety concerns. There are also reports people who are protesting the impending decision are planning protests at the home of the justices who signed on to the majority draft opinion. There’s a group that has posted the addresses of some of the justices.

The fencing is designed to keep protesters clear of the entrances to the building.

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