Taraji P. Henson Gets Emotional When Surprising Stepmother With Home Makeover

In a new episode of ‘My Houzz’, the ‘Empire’ star explains why she feels the need to treat her stepmother Angie to the remodel, and struggles to hold back tears upon the unveiling.

AceShowbizTaraji P. Henson struggled to contain her emotions as she surprised her stepmother with a stunning home makeover in a new episode of U.S. TV series “My Houzz”.

The 48-year-old “Empire” star told viewers that she wanted to lead a remodel of the property to help her stepmum Angie make the house her own, following the death of Taraji’s father 13 years ago.

“I met my stepmom Angie when I was 16. She just made my dad a better man,” she explained. “My dad was just lost. He was homeless at one time when I was really young. She stepped into his life and she was everything he needed. I was so happy. I just loved her right away.”

While she had a hand in the makeover, Taraji was still overcome with emotion when she saw the finished property, bursting into tears as she noticed all the sweet touches around the house.

“I’m overwhelmed, it’s just so beyond what I ever expected,” she said as she looked around. “My dad always said, ‘If you have been blessed, then it is your duty to go out into the world and be a blessing’. So I feel like I’m doing what my dad told me I should do,” Taraji added to the camera. “Although everything is new, it still feels familiar. The essence is here but we just dressed it up. Love was put into this place and you can feel it.”

Angie had a similar reaction when she walked into her newly revamped house for the first time, sobbing as she took it all in.

“Deep down in my heart I really appreciate it, and I’m sure he’d appreciate it too – the way she looked out for us,” Angie said afterwards. “I just feel very blessed that Taraji is thinking about me, and I’m really really going to enjoy the home.”

Taraji was equally thrilled by Angie’s reaction to the makeover, smiling: “The tears fell and that’s exactly what I was going for – tears of joy. It gives me so much joy to see her so happy.”

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