Terrell Owens Gunning For NFL Comeback At 47 Years Old, 'I'm Not Washed Up'

Terrell Owens says he’s “100 percent” sure he can still play in the NFL … telling TMZ Sports he wants a team to sign him and give him a chance to play ASAP!!!

“There’s no doubt, 100 percent, that I can play in the National Football League today,” Owens says.

The 47-year-old Hall of Famer tells us he’s still in amazing shape — claiming to have run a 4.4 40-yard dash just days ago — and says if a team signs him, it won’t be disappointed.

“I’m not washed up,” Owens tells us … adding, “Once you know how to ride a bike, you know, you don’t forget how to ride that bike.”

Of course, T.O. hasn’t played a regular-season down in the league since the 2010 season, but he was effective that year … piling up 983 yards and 9 TDs on 72 catches.

And, Owens says he really hasn’t stopped training since … despite being a free agent for more than a decade.

“I’ve been on the track, and, honestly, I just ran probably like a week ago,” Owens tells us. “I was clocked at like a 4.4. Faster than I probably ever have in probably in a while.”

In fact, Owens says he’s actually drawn interest from at least one “individual” in the NFL this summer … who the wideout says told him to stay in shape for the possibility of a signing this year.

“With that conversation that I had, they asked me to keep myself in shape — anything can happen,” Owens tells us. “And, so, that’s what I’m doing.”

In the meantime, while Owens waits for a possible call, the receiver is launching a new season of his “Getcha Popcorn Ready with T.O. and Hatch” show on Fubo Sports Network.

The program — which Owens promises to remain an awesome, unfiltered opinion sports show — launches its TV premiere on Aug. 22 at 8 PM ET.

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