The £20 Infinity Gauntlet meat tenderiser is the kitchen gadget Marvel fans never knew they needed

MARVEL fans are going crazy over a £20 Infinity Gauntlet meat tenderiser which lets you bash steaks with Thanos' hand.

The gadget – based on box office smash-hit Avengers: Endgame – can now become a must-have essential for preparing meat.

The Infinity Gauntlet in the Marvel franchise gave the wearer impressive superpowers but now the same can be said in real life, with fans cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the device.

The kitchen gadget also comes with a recipe book full of “marvelous” dishes.

The product is available on Firebox for £19.99 and a description on the website states: “Fun isn't something one considers when flattening a raw sirloin steak, but wielding the Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser is sure to put a smile on your face.

"This powerful kitchen accessory comes bundled with a recipe book full of marvellous dishes.”

“You can't erase half the universe with a click of your fingers, but you can pound red meat, pork, poultry and superheroes into submission.”

Avengers: Endgame has smashed box office records making £1 billion in a weekend.

The final instalment in Marvel's Infinity Saga broke global box office records raking in the money on its first weekend of opening last month.

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