The Bachelor Recap: Zach Shallcross Shocked After One Woman Leaves the Show Voluntarily

In a new episode of the long-running ABC dating show, Zach Shallcross and his remaining ladies go to Tallinn, Estonia and one woman surprisingly decides to leave the show because she’s too hurt.

AceShowbiz -A new episode of “The Bachelor” season 27 saw leading man Zach Shallcross taking his ladies to Tallinn, Estonia. According to the synopsis, “Zach is making up for lost time in Tallinn, Estonia, where he’ll test the strength of one connection in a friendly local competition and step out of his comfort zone at a nude sauna. Plus, an Estonian witch works her magic to help him find love.”

The episode began with Charity getting a one-on-one date card. When Zach arrived in person to pick up Charity, he gave everyone a hug and told them it was his first day out of quarantine. Kat later asked Zach to have a moment with him out of the room and the other women were shocked. As the other women later called out Kat out on what she did and called it classless, Kat felt attacked.

Back to Zach’s date with Charity, the pair went to enjoy a horse carriage. They also participated in a wife carrying competition in Estonia. At one point, they shared a kiss and the rest of their date went well. Charity thought it was amazing.

They additionally enjoyed some Estonia spirits. They also went for a walk and tried some roasted almonds. At dinner, Charity told Zach that he made her feel seen and chosen. She also opened up about being in an abusive relationship and was being cheated on.

As for Zach, he shared that he lost himself in the last relationship and was too focused on appeasing that person. He presented her with the rose and Charity said she could see a future with him.

Meanwhile at the hotel, Brooklyn was still upset with Kat, who claimed that Brooklyn hurt her feelings by coming after her like that. Later, a group date card arrived for Brooklyn, Kaity, Kat, Gabs, Aly and Jess. Jess cried because it meant she didn’t get to have a one-on-one date with Zach.

During the group date, they visited a witch named Haley, a grand witch who has been practicing witchcraft for twenty years. She helps to heal people, get rid of negative vibes, and see who are ready for love. At one point, each woman had to hold up a candle and look through the flame with Zach. When Jess was holding the candle, the flame went out, prompting her to feel devastated.

During the cocktail party, Zach pulled Kaity away to have some alone time with her. He also talked with Gabi and he told her that he has butterflies when he’s with her. Later, Zach approached Jess and asked to speak to her. During their deep conversation, Jess admitted that she’s a hopeless romantic and that she didn’t feel confident. In response, Zach assured Jess that he felt something with her.

However, their conversation went south as Jess talked about the one-on-one date. She said that she wouldn’t beg to spend time with him, so she decided to leave the show. Zach was shocked by Jess’ decision. Zach later returned to the other women and told them that he had to send Jess home. He also announced that he wouldn’t give any rose to anyone.

The next day, Zach and Ariel enjoyed a nice relaxing spa day. They started with a charcuterie and went to the sauna nude. They went in the spa and kept their swimsuits on. Later, a couple came in while being naked and then they would give them advice. As Zach and Ariel enjoyed some time in the hot tub, they sealed the date with a kiss and shared some champagne. Zach felt like Ariel was fun and was gorgeous. Zach unsurprisingly gave the rose to her.

At the cocktail party, Kat pulled Charity aside and told her that she stood by what she did. Brooklyn walked in and Kat walked away while being furious. Kat insisted that she did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Zach told Kat that he felt she was off at the witch date, but she denied anything was wrong. Later for the Rose Ceremony, Kat gave the roses to Gabi, then Kaity, Brooklyn and Kat. Ali was eliminated.

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