The Internet Is Seriously Divided on What Prince William Is Saying to Princess Charlotte in This Video

Earlier this week, Kensington Palace released a super adorable video of Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis all checking out the Chelsea Flower Show garden together. Kate’s been workin on the project for months, so her family got a little sneak peek.

The video shows the family bopping around the park and just generally being cute with one another, but one moment in particular has the internet divided.

First, William asks George, who’s on a swing in the garden, “”What would you give it out of 10?” to which George responds, “Twenty!” Super cute!

But then William turns to say something to Charlotte, which is where things get confusing. You can watch it in this video.

How many marks out of 🔟 for the #RHSChelsea Back to Nature Garden, Prince George?

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Wait. WHAT is he saying to Charlotte? Feel free to watch it again if you didn’t catch it the first time. But it’s super hard to tell, and people on social media picked up on it. “What does he call Charlotte??” one person wrote on Instagram.

Basically, there are a few competing theories here that we will now explore. The first is that, because William is ~posh~, he’s actually speaking French and saying the word “mignonette,” which basically means cutie, sweetie, etc. Adorable!

Anyone notice right before he asked Charlotte to push him, he called her by a her lovely nickname. someone from KP IG’s comment section suggested William called her ‘Mignonette ‘ which means ‘delicate.

William is calling his daughter Mignonette 😍! How sweet 💕

But other people who are more used to the British accents involved in this scenario actually think he’s saying “Been on here?” If you watch the vid again this actually seems pretty logical.

He says “have you been on here?”

The final theory, which is literally nowhere on the internet except for in the Cosmopolitan groupchat, is that he’s saying the word “millionaire,” which would be really weird, but definitely not false.

Kensington Palace, care to comment?

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